Hey so basically this was a pretty shitty weekend. I had a huge party at my house which just turned into an awkard fail... then a bunch of people slept over breaking 2500 dollars worth of stuff.... and leaving me with 3 hour's of sleep. Sorry about the crappy pictures my camera is on this funky setting that i dont seem to know how to take of. And also my rooms a mess. Note to self dont invite 70 people over in a tiny house
Shoes:trouve Socks:asos Shorts:Forever 21 Tank: urban outfitters Sweater: Nasty gal.

PS: this summer im trying to go to a fashion program somewhere perferably Newyork, La, or san fran. Anyone wanna recommend some?

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Alona said...

You have a very cool style! I love it :)
Cute vlog btw!

Please check out mine :)