yea i know I've been MIA for like a year. but now that i go to a public school ill post every morning what I'm wearing to school :))

Bat Wing blazer: free people, Skirt:gap. 


kiss of death

YAY!!! my one teaspoon kiss of death dress came in!!! I was so excited then i tried it on and relized it was not going to zip. loving life. so im thinking about selling it?? comment if your interested its a size aus 6.


I lost my camera.

Top: urban outfitters shorts: american apperal shoes: converse


starz in their eyes-just jack

Cardigan:gap tank:urban outfitters jeans:jbrand purse: cole haan
New purse thoughts??



Dress tucked into to make a shirt: free people jeans:jbrand

Hi i made a tumblr

follow me :)


School done.. TOMORROW hell ya

Sweater: haute Hippe 



I dont wanna die in space

Cardigan: vintage Tank: american apparel Skirt: nordstrom Shoes: converse



Two post: 1 day

Dress Im wearing: Here Shoes: here Friends outfit (Brooke) Romper: Urban outfitters Jacket: forever 21

Had a fun night with brookie! i love her to the moon and back. Im obseesed with this iwearsin dress that i got :) hope everyones having a happy saturday!

Homemade Jeans

Jeans:Homemade :) Tank: Forever 21 Jacket: asos
Hey sorry for the extremely long gap between blogging. Ive been sooo busy but schools for in 2 weeks!! so siked :) im obssesed with these jeans found an old pair in my closet and got a little carried away with a razor blade. 


Spring wishes

Spring wishes

Theyskens blue velvet wedges, Dooney and Bourke bag, Runaways Cami, AND Isabel Marant shorts :) 


Hey Jude -The Beatles

shirt:lush shorts:american apperal boots:mixx
Had an amazing weekend :) went hiking with a few friends, shopped a little, and hung out with my family. Sorry i havent updated in a while ive been super busy with school, and tennis. 


Invisible Children

April 24-25 I will be going silent to help bring awareness for Invisible Children. An amazing organization to stop the on going war in Uganda. http://www.invisiblechildren.com/homepage.html Please visit this website and read about this ongoing war and if you would like please support me and donate to my page I know super short notice but please do it you can. http://ic.stayclassy.org/member/ic-fundraising?fcid=60480