Elephants - Rachel Yamagata

   I love this outfit it consist of the free people intimate line. The blue lace slip under is so adorable and comfy but i wish it was a tad with long, and the dress is adorable. O and by the way ITS SPRING BREAKK! much needed :)


Edgy said...

Wow, love the look! Such a cute blog you have here, maybe you want to follow each other?


Gwyneth said...

Aww you look so cute! I'm wondering how old you are?! Anyways the dress you're wearing is so cute. Love the sheer black thing on top. Or is it connected to the inner piece?!

Well anyways, drop by my blog too, if you have time!


xoxomaggie said...

Thank you! i just turned 15 a few days ago :) yes its a sheer black dress and under is another lace dress :)